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Forza Motor Sport 4 Xbox 360

Forza Motor Sport 4 Xbox 360

Forza Motor Sport 4 Xbox 360 Download

Forza Motor Sport 4 Game Information

Forza Motor Sport 4 xbox 360 download is racing simulator video game developed by Turn 10 Studios & published by Microsoft Studios. Fourth installment in the series, the game was released in October 2011.

Forza Motor Sport 4 Xbox 360 free full

Forza Motor Sport 4 Xbox 360 pc game

Forza Motor Sport 4 Gameplay

In every installment of Forza Motor Sport full version game, it is tried as hard as possible to give a realistic look in driving the exotic cars. For the races to take place there are closed circuit tracks with approximately 500, including road & race cars as well. In one of new features, you can now look around at the cars, through Kinect, following & crossing you. Another feature, Auto Brake is brought into use for accelerating or decelerating the speed. Autovista allows you to walk around and check inside the cars. Through this feature, you can fumble the car in detail such as engine components, interior details, & brake pads. In order to get a detailed piece of information about on object in the car, you can point over it. However, this feature supports only 24 cars.

Like previous game, there is a Career Mode, allowing you to select multiple of locations around the globe. Besides such mode, there are also many formats, including autocross, drift, etc. In the full version of Forza 4 as the game advances; the level of difficulty increases gradually. In Forza 3, the car you selected will remain with you for all races, but Forza 4 enables you to choose the car as you level up with the races. Moreover, in Forza 3, there were 8 cars allowed on the road, but in downloaded Forza 4, up to 16 cars can race against each other at a time. 2 offline players are also allowed to join.
There are 26 courses in the game to complete. Half of them are conducted in closed circuits and half of them point-to-point. 17 of them are real-world tracks and 9 of them are illusionary. 1 illusionary, Bernese Apls, & 3 real world tracks, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Infineon Raceway, & Hockenheimring, are also added in the game. The game is designed for single-player, online multiplayer, and split-screen.

Forza Motor Sport 4 PC Download Requirements

Memory: 7 MB
Online Features: Online Multiplayer, Voice, Content Download, Xbox LIVE Family Settings, Achievements
Modes: Versus, Full Mission Single-Player, Multiplayer
Controllers: Force Feedback Wheel, Kinect Enabled
Audio/Video: In-Game Dolby Digital, HDTV 480p, HDTV 720p, HDTV 1080p
Kinect Features: Voice Enabled, Players 1-2, Kinect Sensor Optional, Activity

Rar Password: www.genieknowsgames.net

Download Forza Motor Sport 4

Forza Motor Sport 4 Xbox 360

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