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Road Rash PC Game

Road Rash PC Game

Road Rash Free Download

Road Rash Game Information

Road Rash free download is a racing video game released in 1991 for Microsoft Windows. It was published by Electronic Arts.

Road Rash free full

Road Rash free download

Road Rash Gameplay

Road Rash PC game allows you to carry the bike straight without turning right or left. You must ensure that you do not collide with any bike, street signs, trees, poles, and livestock or a human. In order to get the first place, it is necessary for you to ride smoothly without you having mess with the other riders, hitting the people crossing road or the engineers working on road, and colliding with the traffic coming towards you on the opposite side. If there is a damp on road, you must avoid you. Otherwise, it results in shaking the bike a little, thus increasing a risk to meet an accident. If you ride up or down a hill, take care of the accelerator and brake. In order to carry straight with full throttle, you must avoid all hurdles on road.

Whilst riding, Road Rash full version game allows you to fight against other motorcyclists who try to overtake you. You can attack on them with punches, kicks, and weapons. You do not carry weapons at the beginning of the race, but rather you can snatch them from the opponents, trying to bash you. If you hit the opponent back, it is likely that you can snatch the weapons he is carrying. As the game progresses, the number of weapons increases exponentially. Moreover, if you hit your opponent on target, you leave him behind. No matter what your weapon is, hitting hard causes your opponent to be exhausted. Aware! You are also followed by a cop on a bike. This happens when you violate the traffic rules or knock a pedestrian down. Make sure that he must not overtake you. If he does so, then you get busted, thus being disqualified from the race. As well, you cash in hand will reduce to some extent.

Road Rash PC Download Requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: Pentium, 75 MHz Processor
RAM: 16 MB
Hard Drive: 30 MB free
Video Memory: 16 MB
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

Download Road Rash Full Version

Road Rash PC Game

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