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Tekken 5 Game PC

Tekken 5 Game PC


Tekken 5 Game Information

Tekken 5 PC download is a single and multiplayer fighting game, developed and published by Namco. It is the sixth major installment in the Tekken series. It was released in 2004 for Arcade and in 2005 for PS 2. Tekken 5 was updated for PS Portable and PS 3 as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Tekken 5 PC Download Full Version

Tekken 5 PC Game

Tekken 5 Gameplay

Tekken 5 full version download is played like its predecessors. It features a faster, more fluid fighting system, advanced graphics, returning characters and some of the stages of Tekken series. Among the new moves, one is the crush system which directly affects the vulnerability of the character while they attack. Available to a few characters, Tekken 5 free download allows its player to customize their fighter, changing the colors, outfits and additional costumes. The player can also equip them with the items via money won from playing the Story, Survival, Time Attack, the side-story Devil Within, and Arcade Battle modes. It also features beat ’em up minigame which follows the adventure of Jin Kazama searching the G Corporation in quest for information on his missing mother and other answers. If the player follows the storyline, he is not allowed to use his own choice of characters like previous versions. The game also features a limited button system, having a Block and Jump button as well as sizing down the attack buttons to simple “Punch” and “Kick” buttons. In Tekken 5 pc game, the developers had some of the characters speak in their native languages; Korean (Hwoarang and Baek Doo San) and Mandarin (Wang Jinrei and Feng Wei) were added to Japanese and English.

Tekken 5 Download PC Requirements

Core2Duo Clocked @ 3.20 GHz
RAM:1.0 GB
GPU: 8800GT
Hard drive Space: 5.0 GB
Graphic Card: 512 MB

Download Tekken 5 Now

Tekken 5 Game PC

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