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The Walking Dead Full Version

The Walking Dead Full Version

  The Walking Dead Free Download

The Walking Dead Game Information

The Walking Dead free download is a graphic adventure video game, developed by Telltale Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The first game in the series of The Walking Dead, the game was released on episodes on different dates for Andoird, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Ouya, PS3, PS4, PSV, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The Walking Dead Full Version

The Walking Dead Free

The Walking Dead Gameplay

The Walking Dead full version pc game lets the player to take on the role of Clementine, the protagonist. The gameplay mainly focuses on story and character development rather than puzzle solving. The gameplay is affected by both the selection of the dialogues said by Clementine, and the actions he performs during quick time events. Around the environment, Clementine examines with a due care, gets interacted with various scenery elements, and uses different objects to progress in the game. By using conversation trees, he begins conversing with the non-playable characters. Also he can use inventory and get into the environment. In order to find out the nature of the interaction, he can interact with both surroundings and options. For example, he glares at a non-playable character and is involved in conversing with him. The progress of the game is dependent on the Clementine’s response to the non-playable character’s dialogue, influencing the in-game story which is based on the decisions made by Clementine.

The Walking Dead Free Download Requirements

CPU: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
OS: XP Service Pack 3
Video Card: ATI or NVidia card w/ 512 MB RAM (Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics)
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 2 GB

Download The Walking Dead Free

The Walking Dead Full Version

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