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WWE 13 Game PC

WWE 13 Game PC

WWE 13 PC Download

WWE ‘13 Game Information

WWE 13 PC download is professional wrestling, Sports, fighting video game released on different dates in 2012. Latest in the series, the game was developed by Yuke’s and published by 2K Sports.

WWE ‘13 free full

WWE ‘13 free download

WWE ‘13 Gameplay

WWE ’13 full version download takes all the features from WWE ’12, enabling you to play with Attitude Era besides Road to WrestleMania mode. The gameplay is much faster, with severe fighting system, enhanced 3D graphics and edge-of-the-seat collision. Other features are improved and updated to a great degree. For example, the movements of the wrestlers have been improved a lot. Now the wrestler can move fluidly and run as well. He can also drag his opponent. The opponent is also as fast as you are. Before you run, he stands up, which is a sheer example of new features. A new feature where a wrestler adjusts his wristbands is also included. This time the wrestler strikes harder and the opponent cannot attack him back. In an offensive way, he can attack him back. Unlike predecessors, there are 300 new moves.

Some of the wrestlers take the other wrestler into the air and catch him to carry out a catch finisher. As well, a wrestler is able to carry out his finish move to 2 opponents, interactive with the public in the arena like John Cena does. The opponent then pretends dramatically and kicks out at 2. Before the referee in the ring is calling three, he just pretends as though he will lose the match. However, as soon as the referee calls three, all of a sudden he kicks out. For the first time, a small wrestler like Rey Mysterio is able to lift Big Show easily. This is so because the weight detection system has been improved to a great extent. A few new matches such as Slobbernocker, and The Streak season have also been included. Moreover, the wrestlers are allowed to lift tables, ladders, and chairs and beat the others with them. WWE ’13 PC game allows you to perform environmental moves such as ring breaks, barricade breaks, table breaks, etc. The game includes both single as well as multiplayer modes.

WWE ‘13 PC Download Requirements

Windows XP Sp3,7,Vsta sp3
Processor: 2.2GHz OR Better
Ram 1GB OR Better
Hard Disk minimum 3 Gb for all games
3D Card NVIDIA GeForce

Download WWE13 Full Version

WWE 13 Game PC

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