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WWE 2K15 PC Game

WWE 2K15 PC Game

Download WWE 2K15 PC

WWE 2K15 Game Information

Download WWE 2K15 PC which is a professional wrestling video game released in October 2014 for PS3 & Xbox 360 and in November 2014 for PS4 & Xbox One. Latest in the series of WWE, the game was developed by Visual Concepts & Yuke’s and published by 2K Sports.

WWE 2K15free full

WWE 2K15 free download

WWE 2K15 Gameplay

Tireless efforts have been put over the fight in order that it looks to be realistic, unlike predecessors. If you keep pressing the grapple button as a match begins, it results in starting a collar-and-elbow-tie up, enabling each fighter to place his opponent into a side headlock, a wrist lock or waist lock with a rock-paper-scissors style outcome by just pressing one of the three face buttons. (Note that headlock beats wrist lock, wrist lock beats waist lock, & waist lock beast headlock.) The one who wins will place his opponent according to the corresponding hold, whereas both of the players circulate the right analog stick to look for a ‘sweet pot’. If the former gets it first, he will perform; and if the latter has it first, he will have an upper position. Moreover, the former can hit or wrench the opponent’s limb to make it difficult for him to get the sweet pot. You can turn off this mini-game from the options menu. By doing this, the strikes return to their normal speed, with greater collision. Unlike predecessors, a wrestler cannot stand up quickly after he is slammed or bumped.

WWE 2K15 full version game download includes a 3-tier stamina meter to control the speed of a match. If a wrestler strikes or runs, for this meter depletes gradually. The 1st tier enables the wrestler to move easily; the 2nd tier allows him to be a little bit slower while moving; and the 3rd tier enables him to be exhausted completely. He is exhausted insomuch that he is not even capable of performing his finishing moves. This meter is regenerated when the abovementioned actions are not performed. The submission system has also been improved. A two part circular gauge replaces the ‘Breaking Point’ gauge. ‘Charged Finishers’ is a new name given to Wake-up taunt finishers. When the opponent is on the ground, if you keep pressing and holding the finisher button and leave it as he stands, then Charged Finishers combines the taunt and finisher into a single action. Catch & Catapult have also been added. Great focus has been made over fighters’ real-life counterparts. For example, Big Show cannot climb the top rope.

WWE 2K15 PC Download Requirement

OS: Windows 7 64 bit or higher
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
Memory: 2 or more GB RAM
Graphics: DirecteX 10.1 compatible (512MB) or better
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 50 or more GB available space
Sound Card: 9.0c compatible

Rar Password: www.genieknowsgames.net

Download WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 PC Game

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